Guild Wars 2 is a game that contains 5 races and 9 professions. Combining each of those presents a total of 45 different character choices, just from these two creation items. The races are Asura, Sylvari, Human, Norn, and Charr, while the professions are Warrior, Guardian, Revenant, Ranger, Thief, Engineer, Necromancer, Elementalist, and Mesmer. Each race has a certain lore associated with it, while each profession has a general role. Normally, each profession would have a specific role, but Guild Wars 2 is unique in that each profession can be played multiple ways, to allow for the player to decide the way he or she would like to play that character. The question I seek to answer: is there any type of association between the race and profession of characters created by the players in Guild Wars 2?

I believe that there will be some stronger connections between certain races and certain professions. For example, Sylvari are creatures of nature, and the Ranger profession uses pets found in nature. There are also the intellectual Asura, and the Engineer profession that requires tinkering with many kits. Norn and Charr are both strong and big creatures, leading to be the heavy-armored classes at the top of the image. Human is a bit of an odd class out, having no true strength tying it to any specific profession. This is the foundation for my hypothesis.

1 - There will be a larger number of Sylvari Rangers in comparison to the other races as Rangers.
2 - There are more Asura Engineers than there are any other race Engineers.
3 - Heavy-armored classes will be associated with Norn and Charr, as opposed to the other races.
4 - There is no connection between most characters being Human.

It should be noted that my hypotheses do not include all professions. I believe that some professions actually will fit in with multiple races and decided to just make the hypotheses from the race perspective. Visit Why? to view more details on why this race-profession relationship is something interesting.